David R. Stefan

Innovative leader with a unique combination of

administrative expertise, team collaboration and networking know-how,

and interpersonal support competencies.

“Dave and I have been working together for the past six years, and in that time he has become more than a colleague; he has become a friend. A recommendation on his behalf comes easily and without hesitation. With regard to Dave's character - kindness and courage are two words that instantly come to mind…”

    -  Matt Tailford, MFA, 10 West Studios

Innovative Leadership

“…Dave Stefan is extremely reliable, intelligent, very creative, empathetic, approachable, and has the dedication that it takes to always get the job done.”  

-  Charlie Lehman, MD, Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital

When we first taught together, it became clear to me that where Dave was, students were sure to follow. Dave led a semester long class for young men that I had the privilege to be a part of. It was a unique class in that it was designed to help the students navigate that sometimes challenging station in life we call the college years. These men were taking part in this class for precisely this reason-they needed help clarifying their path in life. Day by day, as I watched Dave interact, it became evident that his students earnestly sought after his empathy, patience, and guidance. One by one, Dave made time for each of them. I watched as he listened, questioned, and did his best to help them find within themselves the grit to forge ahead in life regardless of their circumstances

- Matt Tailford, MFA

“Over the years, I have accomplished goals I regard as significant.  Dave Stefan has been instrumental on my journey toward these goals.  I began working with Dave as an undergraduate…He helped me clarify my goals, organize my steps, and follow through for success.  Today, I am the first in my immediate family to have a college degree.”

-  Steve Belo, MPA, Former Student 

Administrative Expertise

“Dave possesses an inherent blend of qualities that have served to affirm and challenge me, ultimately resulting in a greater sense of clarity and fulfillment as I press on toward my goals…” 

-  Nadine Bode, Career Coaching Client

As my friendship has grown with Dave, so has my professional relationship. I asked Dave to work for us at 10 West Studios. We were shooting a Hollywood feature film, “What if...” starring Kevin Sorbo and John Ratzenberger. A responsibility of my studio was to provide B-Roll for the film’s DVD extras and advertising. Most importantly, we were to supply interviews of all celebrities associated with the film - a key component to the marketing and success of any film. It needed to be artistically crafted, with carefully written questions, produced, and delivered by someone we could trust. I asked Dave knowing his unassuming charm and unique ability to put one at ease would make the product sing for our client. - Matt Tailford, MFA

“Integrity and fidelity: I have observed that David masters and observes the challenges in any employment environment and focuses his substantial gifts and skills on interpreting institutional standards and protocols with depth and credibility.  

- Donald  Joy, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development

Team Collaboration and Networking Know How

“Gifts and Skills: David comes to all environments with comfortable and open countenance and gracious and articulate communication.  I have observed him in traditional graduate courses, in his role in higher education administration and in self-defined goal-driven research.  David moves easily in all learning and peer task driven team projects.” 

- Donald Joy, Ph.D.

As Dave made his way around set speaking with everyone from Mr. Ratzenberger to the PAs, it was even more evident that Dave has a way with people from all walks of life. Film sets are stressful places; Dave made that stress melt away for people. In the end, that was a quality that everyone, including our client, and myself, was very thankful for. Since then, Dave has been able to consistently produce the best B Roll that we have ever supplied to our clients-on time and under budget.  

- Matt Tailford, MFA

“Dave has excellent self-motivation as you may have gleaned from his achievements. I have observed him as a meaningful team player as well as a respected counselor and leader. His creativity and

ingenuity are exceptional!  He uses everything from sports, outdoor adventure, film, food and

academic resources to inspire, advise and grow the human person.”  

- Jerry Armelli, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor 

Interpersonal Support Competencies

“Along with Dave Stefan’s professional background in higher education program development and his credentialing and experience as a therapist in Ohio and New Jersey, his personal qualities of empathic listening, focused advising, and life coaching make him an ideal candidate to assist high caliber students identify and address obstacles to their success.” 

- Susan Bantz, MD, Miami University

"Dave has a special gift of connecting with people at their level, walking with them, and challenging them to become more. His natural skill at being an active listener draws people out to open their hearts in a way that helps them discover for themselves who they are and what steps would be good for them to take next in life.”

- Jeff Gunther, Former Student

I have watched Dave in all kinds of situations and relationships over the years; he has navigated them with ease and grace. Dave's insight and continual active exploration of what it means to live and thrive in this life will benefit your students, the faculty, and community for years to come.

- Matthew Tailford, MFA


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