meet our production team


Dave Stefan is an explorer, artist and counselor. He has biked across America, climbed Mt. Fuji at midnight, and traversed the Highlands of Scotland by horse, bike, foot and RV. 

Dave is a licensed therapist and college instructor.  He received his MA in counseling from Asbury.   

His most recent and favorite accomplishment: making and eating chocolate and peanut butter Buckeyes. 




Rob Baird is not your typical photographer.  He has worked on shoots of everything from weddings, portraits and travel documentaries to biographies, architecture and art installations.

He enjoys traveling to new places, trekking off the beaten path, and close encounters with near-death experiences whenever possible.


Josie Wittwer is completing her degree in Audio and Video Production.  She specializes in digital video production and animation.

She can juggle and touch her nose with her tongue at the same time.  She doesn’t like bios on websites.  But she does like filming current events and large cats. 

Our Motto:  Have camera. Will travel.

Nick Sidor is a filmmaker, father and philanthropist.  He does not believe you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  He thinks you should enjoy every cake you are blessed with, and when you are done, make another. 

Nick’s hard working ethics are focused on the creation of music videos, press kits, and documentaries of emerging artists.