The Coaching Process


Coaching is by telephone, via Skype, or face to face at your local coffee shop, library, or meeting establishment. 

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There are many models to describe the coaching process, however, the Who-What-How model proves to be the most common and fundamental way of outlining this partnership.



A coach helps you explore who you are, what you really want and how to attain it. This is achieved as the coach helps you through skillful questioning, listening, reflecting, clarification, suggestions and goal setting. 

Depending on your learning style and needs, a coach will partner with you to customize a framework in areas such as 'homework', accountability, feedback methods and structure. A coach helps you stay on track until your goals are achieved.

Although the why question may come up in the beginning of a coaching partnership, this question falls more into the field of therapy if it becomes the ongoing focus of discussions. A coach, rather than focusing on why things came to be the way they are, will reframe the discussions to help you look more closely at your current tendencies, skills, needs, values, what has not been working and how this can be changed.

Consulting on the other hand will focus more on just the what and how of a more impersonal problem (technical, financial etc.) without requiring much information about who the individual or entity is beyond the problem being addressed. For example, a small business needing to address the way employees set up data input strategies will not require information about the employees' personal interests, talents, relationships, health or emotional needs beyond the scope of the problem at hand.

Dave Stefan;  732-690-0242;