What’s Next? 

I work mostly on the telephone or video chat via Skype. You call me at (732)-690-0242 at a prescheduled time. Coaching clients call me once 

per week at the same time each week for the first 3 weeks of the month.  

Calls last between 45 and 60 minutes. Sessions can be face-to-face if that is more convenient.


There are several administrative details that you should know:

  1. 1.Fees are paid in advance, due on the 1st of each

month. If paying by check please mail it in 3 days

before the beginning of the month. You can also

pay online via Paypal. 

  1. 2.When we schedule our initial session, we will

meet at that same time each week for three weeks

of the month.  I’ll be happy to work with you if

you need to reschedule. However, there are

weeks when I will not be able to.  If you (or I)

are going on vacation or can't make a call one

week, we’ll make up the time before you leave

or after you (or I) return. You may call me at

(732) 690-0242.

3. The monthly fee covers 3 sessions per month. The usual coaching agreement is for 3 scheduled sessions per month unless otherwise agreed on. 


I ask that you provide the coaching relationship enough time and space to reach your goals. What that means is that you be willing to tell me all of what you are thinking and feeling and that you feel free to ask me any questions without the expectation that my replies will always be easy to hear. I encourage you to take the time you want to develop the trust you need between us.

What can you expect from me as the coach?

You can expect me to be: unconditionally constructive. Whatever

happens during our call, you can expect me to say only those things, which further your life and your goals. If you are disturbed, I understand. If you are stuck, we will explore the causes together. If you can't wait to share a victory, I will celebrate with you. In my eyes you will never be wrong, I will not criticize you, complain to you or gossip about you.

Speaking of referrals...

My practice fills by referrals. If you are benefiting from our relationship, I would appreciate your referrals. You will receive a $25 discount for signed referrals. 

Dave Stefan;  732-690-0242; dr.d.stefan@gmail.com.

Ask me about coaching groups which generally meet for 1 to 2 hours with one or two of your friends or colleagues who share the cost of the session. 

Next Steps and Expectations