The Robin Hood Project


We have so much to be grateful for in the United States.  One of the most affluent countries in the history of the world, the poorest of our poor are wealthier in many respects than a large percentage of people in the rest of the world. 

That’s why we have created the Robin Hood Project.  We want to offer our services to missions, ministries, and individuals from around the world who may be less fortunate financially.

Over the past two years, we have invested our time, energy and expertise in supporting a developing organization called Mission Gorgoolu in Senegal, West Africa.  While training local craftsmen, woodworkers, drum makers, and farmers, Mission Gorgoolu is also developing a bio fuel motor that runs on a locally grown super seed called Jatropha. 

On our volunteer adventure filmmaking trips over the past two seasons, we have filmed and photographed the development of this biofuel motor project and provided the raw footage for use by Mission Gorgoolu (The Other Weed.)  And we are in post production on a documentary about the founder of Mission Gorgoolu, Dan Bode. 

We have also volunteered our time to help the Senegalese men who manufacture the biofuel motors to produce, direct and film their first music video (President), and have provided tools for them to continue to create their own video productions.

That means that every dollar you invest in yourself through life coaching or in telling your story through our video production services at Open Road Productions can also be considered

an investment in the Robin Hood Project.

So, you are helping others by helping yourself.

But here’s the rub.  True enlightenment comes as you address the suffering of the world. 

You help others by helping yourself, but you also help yourself by helping others.   


Help Yourself by Helping Others.

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